Photographer and Artist Isabella Vima, better known simply as Vima, was born and raised in Seoul, Korea until her family's relocation to America at an early age.

As an artist and photographer with a life long passion for beauty and style, her classic and timeless images are often striking; evoking strength and intensity while poignantly illuminating upon beauty. Her strength lies in the ability to convey emotive senses mixed with always something mystical, a touch of something other worldly. And her impeccable styling abilities truly sets her apart as a visual artist. 

From the old masters such as Helmut Newton, Paolo Roversi, and Guy Bourdin, to the modern day legends; Ellen Von Unwerth in particular, these great artists have all made an indelible impression with their standards in which she combines with her original concepts. Her style is of a timeless classic, with her aesthetics firmly rooted in fine art. 

Vima  currently splits her time between Los Angeles, CA and Seoul, South Korea.